How to Leverage Traditional Media For Free Attention

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Traditional media is a big beast with a lot of momentum. Right now there are people looking for stories like yours with a hungry audience that’s ready to consume.

“Your story needs to be all about your ideal guest. Paint them as the hero and you’ll have a story they’ll want to consume.”


Who is already writing to your ideal guest?

Just like social media, journalists involved in traditional media are also looking for valuable ‘content’ to deliver to their thirsty audience.

Whether it is the national newspaper, lifestyle magazines or monthly newsletters, these are all mediums with existing audiences who are waiting to gobble up what you feed them.

The secret here is to follow trends. What topics are journalists already writing about and how can you throw your accommodation into the mix?

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Use www.sourcebottle.com to pitch articles to journalists who write about tourism, holidays or lifestyle.

2. Pitch them the idea of being a guest-writer to help them populate their publishings with valuable content. Pitch a few article ideas.

3. Invite a journalist on a special two night getaway so they can write a raving review about your accommodation. Go above and beyond and blow them away.

Radio Hosts

Who is already speaking to your ideal guest?

Radio hosts are often looking for experts in their field to deliver valuable stories to their thirsty audience.

Whether you target local radio shows or national radio shows, think about the story you can pitch, making sure you attach it to a trending topic such as AirBnB (even if you’re not listed on AirBnB!).

You see, they are after interesting, exciting, strong stories that draw people in. They don’t want fence sitters, they want people who have strong opinion on their field of interest.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Do thorough research into the latest trending topics. You can use Google Trends for this, or look at upcoming local and national events.

2. Create a story (dot points) linking your accommodation or suburb with a trending topic…e.g. “Why (your suburb) is Kanye’s Dream Holiday Destination”).

3. Use LinkedIn to find local radio hosts who may be interested in your story. Remember, radio needs to fill time slots with interesting and engaging stories. Create that story!

TV Talk Shows

Who is already speaking to your ideal guest?

Now this strategy is very similar to our Radio Hosts strategy in that TV Talk Shows are often looking for interesting and exciting stories to deliver to their thirsty audience.

Keep in mind that good story telling isn’t a list of your accommodation features. People will find that boring and it won’t be a story that a TV Talk Show would want to put you on for.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Write a list of things that make your suburb/area unique. What makes it a different destination to everyone else? Be really clear on what sets your area apart. Pitch the uniqueness of your area to these shows.

2. Pitch to the TV Talk Show a significant problem or change that the holiday rental industry is facing. Position yourself as the expert on a particular topic. (e.g. AirBnB)

3. Use LinkedIn to find local TV Talk Show hosts who may be interested in your story. Remember, they are looking for people with interesting and engaging stories. Create that story!

So now you have 3, (well, more like 9) different strategies you can implement right away to make your accommodation stand heads and shoulders above the rest.

Comment below and let me know which strategies you’ve already implemented and which ones you are keen to try next!

If any strategically works particularly well for you, I’d love to hear about your specific results. Send me an email at daniel@virtualinspections.com.au

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