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Do you waste a lot of time walking potential customers through your space?

You know what I’m talking about.

You spend so much time, effort and energy into creating the perfect wedding venue…

Enquiries start flooding through…
You fill up your schedule with personal tours…
Most of the bride’s seem to fall in love with the venue…

And then…

You never hear from them again.

Maybe it was the distance…

Maybe they found something better…

Or maybe they just forget…

It’s like you only have that short window of opportunity to make a lasting impression that can often be clouded by that other venue that’s located much closer…OR Auntie Jean who is relentless in recommending the venue she got married at…

And yet, you know that if they compared all venues side by side, your option would be the perfect fit.

That 30 minute personal tour, turns into hours, turns into days, turns into weeks of wasted time…

This Is Why Hundreds Of Brides Are No Longer
Waiting For Brides To Visit Their Venues…

…And Using 3D Virtual Tours To Get Their Venue

In Front Of Brides 24/7, Anywhere In The World!

I am completely blown away by the 3D virtual tours!!! I don’t think I have been as overwhelmed by anything in a very long time. This is going to make such a difference to my life to be able to offer people our virtual tours. It is incredible how you can depict the buildings in 3D like that (I just love the dollhouse bit). Thank you so so much. It is beyond anything I could have imagined. I am SO excited about the tours. It will make such a difference to our lives. For example people quite often book from Europe or the US and can’t do a visit, so this will make it so much easier to show them what Tarureka is like. Your skills and the beauty of Tarureka seem to combine beautifully.
Helen Forlong – Tarureka Estate

EVERYTHING You Need To Get Your Wedding Venue In Front Of Thousands of
Bride’s Hunting Down A Perfect Location For Their Special Day Within 48 Hours!

After 3D mapping your space we will have a polished 3D virtual tour back to you within 48 hours for you to send out straight away!

Before Virtual Inspections, if you wanted to get your wedding venue in front of your ideal audience you would need to organise multiple forms of media to try and convey your space online:

  • thousands of photos
  • hours of video footage
  • floor plans
  • detailed descriptions

And after all of that?

You would still have to give them a personal tour through your venue and hope that it wasn’t a waste of your time…

Nobody Wants To WASTE Time Walking A Bride Through
Your Wedding Venue If It Is Going To Be A Waste Of Time!

With Virtual Inspections, everything you need to showcase your wedding venue online is wrapped up in 3D virtual tour (including photos, videos, PDFs, text) so you can spend more time on more important things (like that long list of ‘To-Do’s’, currently waiting for you in your inbox!)

Here’s How A 3D Virtual Tour Works…

Step #1:


Preparing Your Venue For The Shoot.

Before our 3D operator arrives to 3D map your space, there are a number of key things that must be done to ensure the success of the shoot:

  • all rubbish needs to be removed
  • all floors should have been vacuumed, swept or mopped
  • tables and chairs must be set up in the desired positions
  • any private or personal information must be removed from whiteboards, pin boards, notice boards or anything else that won’t appear at a wedding
  • the kitchen/bar area needs to be clean and tidy
  • all deck areas should be swept

Step #2:


Capturing Your Venue.

During the capturing of your wedding venue, there are a number of key things to ensure a smooth shoot and a desirable outcome:

  • the 3D operator will be given a tour of the space
  • there must be no people present within the space (unless notified beforehand)
  • all lights should be switched on
  • all doors should be opened to the areas requiring capturing

Step #3:


Creating Your 3D Virtual Tour.

During the post-production of your 3D virtual tour, there are a number of key things required to polish the final product for delivery:

Main Heading

Ensure that there is no confusion by giving your 3D virtual tour an appropriate heading. Your wedding venue probably has a special name. This would be a good place to start. 

If you were to include any other information in the heading, you might want to consider including the street address of the venue, the region your venue is located in, the capacity of the venue or the style of the venue.



Embed additional information into your 3D virtual tour in case there is anything that isn’t communicated via the visuals.

This can include information such as the special features of the venue, the capacity, where 3rd party vendors should set up, where the dance floor is located and where the different amenities are.

Embedded Photos

Embed 2D photos within your 3D virtual tour in order to showcase what your venue looks like packed out with people, decor, flowers and anything else that may be bought in on a wedding day.

This is a great way to showcase key areas of your venue by embedding photos of special moments that have happened at actual weddings.


Embedded Videos

Embed videos within your 3D virtual tour in order to bring your venue to life through moving images and sound.

This is a great way for couples to imagine how their wedding day will feel with the venue packed with people, food, decor, lights and flowers.

Embedded PDFs

Embed PDFs into your 3D virtual tour in order to provide extra detailed information in long-form documents.

This can include information saying as wedding day checklists, available facilities, a list of 3rd party vendors, menu options or accommodation options.


Hiding Scans

When capturing your 3D virtual tour our 3D technicians will generally capture more scans than necessary. This is so that we have multiple options to choose from in post-production.

We are able to hide any unnecessary scans in order to reduce loading time and to improve user experience for a more efficient navigation.